Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Red Bull During Endurance Events? and socks

interesting info on red bull i thought i'd share (click image to read it). this is from my favorite tech magazine.. wired. i used to be very "natural". no caffeine or stimulants and certainly no "meat sugar"! however after the 2005 24hr solo mtn bike world championship, where i raced hard and suffered immensely, that all changed. i was reading up on a racer who came out of nowhere to chase 6 time world champion chris eatough to the finish line... ernesto marenchin. he wrote about what he consumed on his blog. 12 cokes and 4 redbulls in 24hrs as i remember it. now that is extreme, i've been able to find a good middle ground in my red bull consumption. i've also witnessed guys like karl meltzer and david horton drink red bull pretty early during 100 mile efforts, so there must be something to it. have a read and decide for yourself. i think i probably drank 4 total during the grand teton 100 miler and i feel as though it helped.

also i get a lot of questions about my sock sponsor teko socks. they are an awesome company based in boulder, co and are absolutely committed to creating an eco friendly product. here is the backpacker magazine "green award" clipping they received.. it quickly describes some of their efforts - it's quick, so have a read!

some very exciting races happened this weekend:
  • wasatch front 100 was dominated by montrail-nathan wonderkid kyle skaggs. in his first 100 miler he broke karl meltzer's course record by 8 minutes. liz irvine put in a good show as well breaking krissy's previous course record. and congrats to roch horton who pulled of a sub-24hour finish.
  • disgraced tour de france cyclist floyd landis took 3rd at the shenandoah mountain 100 with 6 time world 24hr solo champ chris eatough withdrawing with a mechanical.
  • special congrats to rebecca rusch who won the the 24 hour solo mtn bike world championship in leguna seca.. huge congrats reba! tinker juarez is like ned overend.. these guys are 100years old and better than anyone in their prime - unreal... tinker won the men's race.


Bob Gentile said...

Socks & Bull now we are talking :-) obviously I need to work on my feet issues....shoes & socks, my feet got trashed at GTR

but also my fuel sucked, I just ordered Carbo Pro to try ...I just couldn't eat the last 10-12 miles of my little ole' 50, I need something to drink that's going to give me some good calories & also a boost....

I ran 5 miles yesterday & geesh this morning the back of my knees were pretty sore, everything else felt fine. today I am going to do some pool work to keep my legs moving but with less strain.

Thanks for the post, will look into both bull & the socks

olga said...

Why everybody's forgetting about Ann Trason's record and talking about Krissy's record? Not that she didn't run a crazy awesome time...