Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mount Hood PCT 50 Mile Quick Race Report

montrail-nathan ultrarunning team takes the mt hood pct 50 miler!
50 mile winners: me (my cheeks are full of cheeseburger) and Floren Ansley

my time - 7:13 for 50 miles (8:39 / mile) with 1649m / 5,410ft of gain
shoes: montrail continental divide (oh how i love thee)

full report to follow....


saschasdad said...

Attaboy, Hart! Way to rip it up on Mt. Hood. Great effort on a nice course. Keep up the training and you'll do just fine in the Tetons.


olga said...

Dude, congrats!

DARTvg said...

Nice work and congrats on a good run! Looking forward to the write up.