Saturday, July 21, 2007

Montrail Spring 2008 Catalog

kinda cool.. i made the 2008 montrail catalog.


Bob Gentile said...

Nice Bro, I was just talking with Leigh last week about them... she used them for the WS100 with zero foot issues just one small blister...going to try them out, still have not found a good shoe fit yet, so I hope this will help.

I need to order a trail shoe for the Tetons, plus this insole ...I have a high arch also.

WynnMan said...

Damn you were close! Kerby wasn't that far off. Although I made up for it with my TRT and Speedgoat picks.

Looks like the wise and experienced prevailed at VT. Top 4 or 5 were 40, 40+ years old or close too.

Good luck at PCT this weekend. I'll be enjoying the awful "powerlines" at Voyageur.

Hart said...

montrail insoles: yeah bob i actually have started to wear them without molding them. i find i spend so much time in them that they mold by themselves. they are great.

ajw and kerby are fast! thanks for the luck wynnman and right back at you for 50 under the "powerlines" at voyageur. rock that thing. oh and watch for my buddy justin angle to win white river 50 this weekend. he's got it in him fo shizzle.

WynnMan said...

Good pick. I guess I'll go out and pick Michael Buchanan for White River.

Good luck as well at PCT! Hammer it.