Thursday, July 19, 2007

Climbing Mt Daniel

last sunday i wanted to get in one last big day of running before my taper starts for mt hood pct 50 miler. i had planned on a 40 mile day on the trails near snoqualmie. then i received an email from aaron rinn about possibly climbing mt daniel. i couldn't pass it up... and i'm glad i didn't.

so the day after we raced in the trioba 12 hour adventure race rvg, aaron rinn, aaron matzke (the dude in the primal quest video) and i climbed mt daniels (7,899 feet). the typical route is an out and back, and with the snow level right now doesn't require any real glacier travel, so no roping up. we actually wanted to climb the glacier so rinn took us up another route through a few hours of very steep bushwhack to the lynch glacier. hot, sweaty and buggy.. but awesome. here are the photos rvg took.

rinn climbing the 3,000ft bushwhack

from the top, rinn, me, matzke and rvg snapping the pic

the crew on the summit

rvg's whole album

Mt Daniels

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olga said...

looks awesome! and yay for Justin!!!