Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Weekend of Racing!

i'm very excited for some great big racing this weekend. i'm racing in the trioba 12 hour adventure race with my team dart-nuun consisting of ryan vangorder (rvg) and aaron rinn (ar), and myself (this years series does not have a coed requirement for the overall win). both of these guys just raced really well in raid the north extreme, canada's premier expedition adventure race. congrats on 2nd place cyril, rvg, ar and our new teammate mari chandler! hopefully rvg and ar are recovered enough to hammer for 12 hrs just two weeks after racing for 102 hours non stop (read the race report here). as a team we've won this trioba adventure race series for the last 5 years. it's been an amazing training ground for our team.. however the yeager brothers have decided this will be the last one. =( but for those of you local racers all is not lost. 4th dimension is here to our rescue. rvg wrote a nice blog on it too.

keep an eye on these sites this weekend for updates:
  • trioba 12 hour adventure race - live updates reported by our team manager erik nachtreib.
  • hardrock 100 mile ultramarathon - scott jurek and karl meltzer batted it out and jurek won in the end. youtube video of start and of the winners finishing - congrats to scott and krissy!
  • tour de france - so far it's been very exciting. i love robbie mcewen. go watch the footage from stage 2 and you will too. but i want the american levi leipheimer to win it the overall.

ok i've got to get packing for the race...

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Bob Gentile said...

Best Wishes Matt, Kick ASS!!! Look forward to ur report next week!