Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BEF Sponsors Its First Ultra-Marathon Athlete

Bonneville Environmental Foundation is proud to sponsor Justin Angle, their very first carbon neutral athlete. Justin has been competing in endurance sports for the last 15 years. After moving to Seattle in 2003, Justin decided to focus exclusively on long distance running. Since then, he has completed over 30 ultra-marathons, with 5 wins and consistent top-10 finishes. Justin is proud to serve as an ambassador for organizations committed to quality, community, and the environment. Many athletes struggle with their consumption of jet fuel and gasoline as they travel to each event. Justin is happy to spread the Race Green message across the country to help encourage more athletes to offset their travel with Green Tags.

Angle says, "Bonneville's mission is to support watershed restoration and clean power generation (wind and solar). They are a non-profit and pioneered the concept of green tags. Basically, you use their calculator to quantify the carbon emission associated with a consumption activity (driving, flying, heating your home, etc) and then purchase the corresponding units of green tags to off-set that consumption. The money then goes to fund active alternative power generation and put the same amount of green power back on the grid. Together we figured out the carbon emissions associated with all of my race travel and training travel and they sponsored me with the required number of green tags needed to offset all of that and make me a "carbon-neutral" runner."

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