Friday, June 22, 2007

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run - Fri

today at squaw valley it's gorgeous sun, amazing weather for the race and considerably cooler than last year where many racers suffered from the heat.

sean meaisner, ashley idema (who won angeles crest 100 last year) and i tried to head out early for a run up to squaw peak. with camera crews everywhere i got caught up in the mix. the film crew interviewed me, and then bev and i for 20 min or so. that was kind of cool... but i wanted to run! after a couple hours and more running and downclimbing scree than we originally planned we were back to the promo area where all the action was. great run, and it was long over due for my legs to get out and run again. thurs i just rode 32 miles, and yesterday i took completely off - so running felt great.

bev and i went over splits, the course, expectations, etc. i am to motivate her to move fast by all means necessary. if that means swearing at her i have the green light.. although i hope it doesn't come to that. i am so excited for this run!

3am breakfast tomorrow. 5am start of the 2007 western states (they will have live updates so follow along!) i'll be joining bev's crew before i start my packing at forest hill (mile 62 for bev). with that schedule i won't be able to blog until after the race most likely.

the race hasn't even started and i already want to run western sooner rather than later.

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