Thursday, June 21, 2007

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run - Thurs

sean and i arrived in tahoe today. after big horn we spent two days running in grand teton national park - my favorite place on earth. then one day with ty draney in afton, wy.. where they ran ty's 50k course and i "took it easy" with a 32 mile road ride - i am pacing bev 40 miles afterall on saturday. from there we spent a night in salt lake city with the wasatch speedgoat karl meltzer and cheryl.

today we drove 9hrs from slc to tahoe. i met up with bev and alan abbs. i'll be pacing bev the last 38 miles of western states. there is a lot of talk about the woman's race. nikki kimball won last year, kami semik is "more fit than ever", and bev as i've seen is super focused. it's going to be very exciting.

today we visited the montrail house. it was quite a production with annette bednosky, bev and andy jone-wilkes all being interviewd by nbc sports tv crew. this is "the show"!

i'm hoping for hal koerner and bev to win. follow along real time on the western states 100 website - i hear they do a great job.


olga said...

Go, teamies! Keeping fingers crossed!!!

olga said...

Congrats to Bev for another great run!