Friday, June 8, 2007

today it's official!

i've sent in my entry for the grand teton 100 miler! this will be my first 100 mile ultramarathon ever. i'm excited and a bit scared. i got excited about running a 100 miler last year after the hurt 100k - when i was in good ultrarunning shape. i got to see how the elite do it first hand watching krissy take 2nd overall and break the female course record. i had the feeling i could have slowed my pace and finished the 100 in good standings. i was also witness how karl meltzer, the wasatch speedgoat prepares/races/recovers/etc. i wish my camera was working the night before the race when he sat down in front of golf game (match?), with a frozen pizza in his lap bigger than the chair!

side note: karl just won the 2006 everest award for best trail runner - congrats karl! well deserved. (how hard is he working in the photo?!)

since then there was an injury and long period of no running and detraining basically. last weekends 35 miles w/6800 feet gave me confidence. it proved that although i'm not in great ultra shape, i am not as bad off as i thought.

tomorrow i run the lake youngs ultra, 28 miles with just 2,700 feet of total gain. to be honest i was in a rush when i signed up for this race and hadn't really read much about it. now that i have i'm not that excited about the course. however it will be a great test of my leg speed and turnover - and a superb training session. perfect training really for the big horn 50k (may 16) that i'm headed to on wed of next week with fellow montrail ultrarunner sean meisner. the 50k race is a net loss in elevation with 3,000ft of gain and 6,500ft of loss!... guaranteeing a quad pounding 4-6 hours (that is if my knee holds up).

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