Friday, June 15, 2007

update from the big horn mountains!

big horn 100 - dayton, wyoming: the big horn mountains are so amazingly beautiful i can't believe it's taken me this long in my life to get out here - already planning a return trip. now i know why sean meissner has run this race 5 years now.
  • karl meltzer, josh brimhall and mike wolfe (won white river) all left the 13 mile aid station of the big horn 100 together, well in front of the next group and ahead of record pace.
  • darcy africa came through winning the woman's race by a long shot
  • david horton came in, surprisingly downed a full throttle!.. and headed out
  • van phan came in rockin it and looking great
  • then olga came through looking strong as well
  • sean meissner is primed for the 50 miler (which he won last year)
  • i wish i was running the 100, but i'll stick to my "freshman" race of 50k tomorrow and see how fast i can move
feeling ok - my groin/ab/hip flexor is giving me some greif...more to come later!!

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