Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pacing at Western States 100 Miler = Motivation

western states 100 - it's the oldest and most prestigous 100 mile ultra in the world. they run from tahoe to auburn california.

fellow montrail-nathan ultrarunner bev abbs lost her pacer.. and i've been asked by to pace her for the last 40 miles of the course! how sweet is that? bev, who holds the course record at the vermont 100 and won the coastal challenge this year (among other incredible ultra feats) - wins a lot. she's placed 2nd twice at western. i'm looking forward to helping her run her best this year. it's going to be awesome to finally get to experience this race first hand. i can't wait!


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

That is quite an honor. It'll be good training too.
I've been wanting to ask you a few questions regarding your experience with the Nitrus. Could you please email me so I don't fill up your Blog comments?

Crash said...

dude - it will be out for Dave Goggins - he's in it this year.

Hart said...

i'll watch out for goggins.. he'll do well i'm sure.

are you making the trip to crew him crash?

S.Chrapchynski said...

you'll have a blast. in 2005 I got a chance to pace someone during the last 38miles. that motivated me even more to run ws100 the following year.

Loomdog said...

Matt, not to be a jerk... but WS is overated. Comrades is the most prestigeous and is older...and in the USA the oldest and origional ULTRA is JFK 50. Us east coasters get no respect!

That will be very fun for you to be pacing. And a workout as BEV is superfast! What an amazing womens race it will be this year....I bet closer than the mens!

Wish I was there.

Hart said...

i stand corrected. =)

Crash said...

matt - no WS for me this year as I'll be in the land down under for the next month