Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Blanchard Mountain Ultra

ran the blanchard mountain ultra today. the race is made up of three 11 mile loops with 2,000 feet of gain each loop for a total of 33 miles and 6,000 feet of gain. that is if you don't chose to take a wrong turn and add 2 miles and about 800 feet of descent and subsiquent climb back up! proving once again that there is such a thing as moving too fast. my time was 5:21, including the 30 min detor, which got me 1st place - my splits were 2:00, 1:37 and 1:43. the course was 2 miles of fire road and 9 miles of sweet single track with some great views of the puget sound that literally stopped me in my tracks! although the course seemed to climb the entire time there was one notable STFU climb which was a killer. i had heard before the race that montrail-nathan ultrarunner jim kerby runs it - hmm. not sure that is possible as i was scrambling up it with all fours. either his reputation preceeds him or he's superman... you could make an argument for the latter considering how this guy runs.

great local low key ultra. saw some familiar faces; michelle maislen was there preparing for the white river 50, jim kerby ran 4 loops as he prepares for vermont 100.
i also met some new runners which was cool... including fellow montrail-nathan ultrarunner and the first guy to finish the plain 100 miler tim stroh. he still currently has the course record and most finishes. this sounds like my kinda race - no support, so you gotta carry everything with you and no markings so you gotta read a map.. perfect. if it wasn't the same month as the grand teton 100 i'd be signing up right now.

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