Monday, June 25, 2007

hal koerner wins western states 100 miler - bev abbs takes 2nd place

just now back from western states 100 mile endurance run. as i said two posts ago i was cheering for my buddy hal koerner to win this year... and he did! the guy ran an amazing race and led from start to finish.. congrats hal! just incredible.

i paced bev abbs the last 38 from forest hill into the finish. we had a blast, and she ran super strong placing 2nd female and 13th overall in 19:31:18. we were not able to catch that nikki kimball who is, well, probably the best female ultrarunner in the world and ran 18:12:38. bev was happy with her race, and stoked to take 40 mins off her best western time - see the results here.

seattle runners to note; greg crowther (50/100k national road champion) - before the race greg announced on his blog he'd finish top 3.. at western.. running his first 100 - bold. he dropped at mile 62; brian morrison (who was my second hope for the win - after hal) also had to drop. he mentioned to me the day before he was getting over a cold, but thought he was past it.. he wasn't and dropped at mile 38.
i'll be blogging an update on this whole wild road trip asap.. until then enjoy this photo of one of my heal blisters from big horn last weekend.

montrail runner and amazing photog luis escobar has updated his site with some pretty shots from western - check 'em out!


olga said...

Yuk, it blew! Your blister, I mean.
And yes, you did rule for Hal, I remember it, nobody else even mentioned him!
Awesome on pacing, heal up that heel:)

Tetsuro said...

Good job on pacing!
I would like to try to WS100 near future.
Anyway, your blister looks painful....but that blister will
soon better.

Lorna said...

ewwwww! I could have saved myself from seeing that picture just by not scrolling down but somehow....