Saturday, June 16, 2007

Big Horn 100/50 mile & 50k

quick update:
  • karl meltzer won the 100 miler taking 11 mins off the course record - he's a machine!
  • mike wolfe came in an hour something later for second
  • darcy africa won the womans race and placed 4th overall! in 23hrs something
  • ty draney won the 50 miler
  • sean meissner got 7th in the 50 miler
  • i won the 50k - most beautiful 50k i've ever run! rugged- both my heals are complete blisters, but my knee and hip/ab injuries were fine the whole 4:47 it took me. the race started at 7,850 and climbed 1,600 feet right away - with no altitude training i suffered like a dawg. more on that later.
  • olga and van phan did great and finished the 100 miler!
  • unfortunetaly david horton had to drop =( but he's ok.
  • everyone is sleeping now!! but we have a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning for the 100 and 50 mile awards - 50k awards were a few hours ago - i won a cool mug and some socks.
  • the plan now is to head to the tetons and run sean's favorite 20 mile loop. then head to slc, utah to hang with karl and run his wasatch 50k course.. then head down to western states 100 where both sean and i will be pacing.


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Holy schnikees! Good highlights. Congratulations toughing out that course. Good luck with the blisters with the schedule you have lined up. Post some pics later.

DARTvg said...

Well done and congrats Matt!!! Just got the last update from RTN, looks like I wont need the Tri box. Enjoy the road trip.

olga said...

Awesome run, Matt! You rocked it hard! Everybody seemed to have had a great time, and lets go back, huh?
Enjoy Tetons and even more so pacing Bev at WS - lets change the predictions!!!!