Thursday, June 28, 2007

103 Miles of White River

friday i headed down to the crystal mtn area where the white river 50 mile course lives. the race is put on by seattle running company owner scott mccoubrey and is only 1:45 drive from seattle. the views of rainier on course are reason enough to run this one... but there are many others.

i've been coaching my friend and massage therapist ellen with the goal of running her first 50 mile ultra... the rugged white river 50 mile on july 28th. being her coach i suggested a weekend of camping and running the course. the plan: run the first 27 miles of the course saturday, the last 23 miles sunday.

with the pressure of my first 100 miler (the grand teton 100) weighing on me i got all excited and went down there a day early. my plan was to run with ellen on the weekend and add a day before and a day after so i could get 100+ miles in 4 days.

friday: 27.4 mi - 5:51:14 (12:47 / mi) with 5,187 ft of gain
ahr:129 max:157 shoes: montrail highlander
"rain doesn't bounce" and "isn't this the last day of june!?" where some phrases that came out of my mouth during this solo endevour. but it was awesome, albeit cold for an hour or two. i ran a modified first 1/2 of the white river course. since i was running it the very next day with ellen i decided to come down the deep creek trail 1196, simply because i never had.

saturday: 28.09 mi - 6:03:16 (12:55 / mi) with 5,095 ft of gain
ahr:127 slept:6hrs shoes: continental divide

ellen and i ran first 1/2 of the white river course. it was a perfect partly cloudy day and mount rainier was out in full force! there is also some massive downed trees to still clean up before the race.

sunday: 26.25 mi - 5:10:23 (11:48 / mi) with 4,464 ft of gain
ahr:123 max:153 slept:5.0 shoes: montrail nitrus (.5 size bigger bc my feet were swollen)

another beautiful day out as we ran and power hiked the 3,000 feet up to suntop peak. running the suntop road down sucks. however you quickly forget about the pounding once you hit the skookum flats trail. there was a massive section of skookum flats that had been washed into the white river.

monday: 21.13 mi - 4:15:36 (12:04 / mi)
ahr:124 max:149 slept:5.0 shoes: montrail nitrus (.5 size bigger bc my feet were swollen)
today i ran up suntop again, this time solo and not stopping or hiking... ran every step. once up there i couldn't bring myself to run the dirt road down again so i ran back down suntop trail, the way i came up. i had planned to get another 10 miles out the dalles trail. however once i started out on it i felt a twinge in my left inner thigh. since i already had my 100 trail miles i decided to be smart and turn around rather than finish with an issue. i'm happy i did.

great weekend of training and i have to say that soaking in the white river was key to my daily recovery. it was freezing! but i felt way better than i would have without that 10 minutes of torture.

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S.Chrapchynski said...

That is an epic view of Rainier. Thanks for the info on your training on the WR 50 course. I plan on running the WR50 and every litle details helps me get an idea what the course is like. Looking forward to it. Good luck in your upcoming races.