Thursday, May 17, 2007

you son of a hardrock! montrail nitrus review

for three months there has been a box in my bedroom. the contents of which has been called "the son of the hardrock". well the hardrock and i have a long standing relationship, we are very close... so i've been waiting patiently to take her son, the nitrus, out for a real trail run.

today... (after three months of injury) was that day and we got along swimmingly. this shoe could be my go to shoe. however i was open and honest with the nitrus. she knows i'm seeing other montrails (including her mother the hardrock - kinda weird). so we'll just have to see how the relationship developes. the first thing i noticed was the nitrus is very torsionally rigid and has a super protective sole called the terraflex (which is a three component system combining a high-traction outsole, a protection plate and a shock-absorbing midsole). it's designed for "high mileage hammerheads" (perfect!) so it's very supportive, stable and cushioned. they also felt super light (13oz) and have a lot of breathable mesh on the upper for the big sweaters. the upper is also designed to accomodate a wide foot, which i don't have but couldn't notice a difference. it also has the gusseted tongue to keep degris out, but it really helps to keep the tongue in place more than anything. for the pronator, this shoe also has a medial post.
put simply: they felt light, very supportive (for my poor knee), stable and they fit really well.

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Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Of course, being a Montrail runner, I would expect nothing but adulation from you on their products. That being said, this is still a pretty good review and being a Hardrock fan as well, (currently getting to know the Odessy) I've wondered what these would be like. Hopefully, I can try on a pair soon. Keep us updated on the gear! Inquiring minds want to know!