Thursday, May 24, 2007

what's on my mind grapes?

am i back?! - well, saturday my team dart-nuun and i were victorious at the trioba adventure race. the following day i ran 13 miles w/3,000+ft of gain in the issaquah alps after a 13 mile mtn bike.. and yesterday i ran up mt si (8 miles, 3,400ft of climbing) - and although the knee feels a bit different after a few hours of running, there is no pain or discomfort (!). i think i'm back and i'm so very excited about it!

so of course i'm readdressing the race calendar, something i've done 100 times in the last 3 months. the training mentioned above proved that i've lost considerable fitness. i am nowhere near where i want to be. so i've got a lot of work ahead of me - getting into great ultrarunning shape while building my bike fitness and maintaining my kayak fitness.. all while not re-injuring my knee.

next race - big horn 50k!?
the big horn trail 100 miler was going to be my first "a" race this year, and my first 100 mile ultra. injuries change plans, and with just 3.5 weeks away i obviously won't be running a 100 miles. this sux. however i am going to scratch an itch, get in the van and drive out there to run the big horn 50k. i'll be running it as a training session, just to see where i'm at.. no expectations. i'm really glad the race directors have lesser mileage race options. after the race i will camp for a few days while running and mtn biking the beautiful mountains of wyoming.
**if you know the dayton, wyoming area let me know what i should be running/riding.. and come join me!

running 100 miles - i am now looking at the grand teton 100 september 1-2. this race looks incredible. four 25 mile loops with 5,000ft of climbing per loop for 20,000 feet total!.. in the teton mountains!! whoa.. sounds super tough! i spent the 06 winter in jackson hole and absolutely fell in love with the area. i am super excited to see it in the summer time. this 100 miler is put on by legendary ultra runner lisa smith-batchen.

mind grapes


Loomdog said...

Hey man I thought you and Krissy both quit the blogger just moved! So happy to see you back in action. Keep at it, stay loose and ice ice baby. Enjoy Bighorn..that place is amazing. I dnf'd the 100m in 2002 after 66 miles..but I got to see the entire course.

Good luck and stay in balance

Hart said...

i'm a blogger for life bro! well maybe not that long. i love reading about your training. keep up the good work!

big horn - yeah both krissy and roch horton told me that was the "100" to run. wish i was running 100, but 50k or 50 miles will at least get me on the course. i plan to run the rest in the days that follow.

-ice ice baby

olga said...

Hope to see you there, and glad the knee is behaving.
GT100 should be just as awesome, don't worry:) I might swing there as well, God willing.