Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the sweet nectar of coaching

i've been injured. it is true that while some doors shut, others open. with a bit of extra time i really started to dig in and work on my other job - coaching. i have a passion for coaching and with a new batch of clients i found renewed energy for it. i am having a blast! it comes naturally really because i'm a dork and am always reading and or thinking about training, and training principles.

i've recently received 4 new clients through word of mouth and it's been an absolute joy. all are serious athletes.. i've got the ironman, the black belt bad ass (pictured), the brown belt bad ass and the natural - who will be winning ultra marathons near you very soon so watch out! she's the one who runs by you more than once on your mount si hike. all are smart and motivated and so much fun to work with.

another thing i've been up to is volunteering at some very cool races...

  • carnation time trial put on by my new physical therapist - neal goldberg.
  • the beast! these are after work adventure race put on by eric bone (national orienteering champ) and roger michal (who also puts on the 4th dimension adv races) of adv racing team mergeo.

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