Sunday, May 13, 2007

good times and good knees

my college buddy steve copson was in town this weekend and we got up to our old tricks. waaaay back in 1998, when we both moved from san fran to seattle steve took me to preston/tiger mtn to mtn bike. it was hands down the most fun i had ever had on a bike. i was riding an old scott mtn bike i had purchased from another buddy (tom roberts at granite cheif) in tahoe. it was a very used old rental. after riding the preston railroad loop with steve that day - i bought a new mtn bike the next day... shall we say the rest is history?
we've come a long way. copson, cory (both pictured) and i got out and rode the trail for the first time together for probably 3 years! great fun, and i got some good shots and this video (copson's wife jenny works for yahoo on this new site they bought called jumpcut - it's basically online video editing and publishing).

after the ride and a nap i was able to talk copson into a trail run. he's training for his first marathon - the san fran marathon. we ran from tiger mtn road se on tiger mtn trail to s tiger traverse to the road and back tiger mtn trail - 6.6 miles and 1,300 feet of climbing. i have to say i was impressed with copson's running! he even led the way up the steepest climb.. running the whole thing.

knee news - i haven't had any knee pain in a week! i'm ecstatic about it. today was a great test - three+ hours of real training and it didn't hurt at all... i now feel like i can ramp up my training without making it worse or suffering a setback. let's all cross our fingers.

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