Friday, May 18, 2007

going to prom or and adventure race?

quick post before i leave for the trioba sprint adventure race this weekend in ellensburg, wa. it will be my first race back after my feb 17th bike crash and subsequent bone bruise (over three months!!). needless to say i'm very excited.

it's a 6 hour sprint adventure race that will involve "Orienteering/Navigation, Trail Running, and Mountain Biking". they say average finish time will be 5 hours or so. so ryan vangorder, aaron rinn and i should get 'er done in around 4 hours if everything goes well. as far as competition in a sprint race it's really anybody's race to win. if you make a single navigation error you can get beat easy. assuming we navigate the course well i think team will be right there with us. should be a blast!

i've done my prep:

  • packed the required gear/clothing/shoes (i'm going with last year's highline or the new nitrus)
  • tuned the bike (turner nitrous), setup computer and bike tow (with rvg and rinn who am i supposed to tow? not sure but gotta have it just in case)
  • shaved head and legs (that's right legs! i'm a bike racer!)
  • clipped finger and toe nails (am i going to prom?)
  • prepared the vw van for camping

i'm out! wish us luck!!

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Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Best of luck to you guys. Your knee has been doing great so don't even think twice about pushing it in the race. Just let it rip and you'll be fine. Hopefully your teammates will appreciate all the primping you've done for them! ;-)