Saturday, May 19, 2007

DART-nuun wins the TRIOBA Sprint Adventure Race May 19, 2007

quick post: just a few good photos and an interesting video.

oh my goodness! this race (the trioba adventure race) was so fast and furious! it was about 7 miles of off trail orienteering on foot. the terrain had lots of babyhead rocks covered by grass or shrubs. you had to really focus on your running the whole time. if you focused on anything else for a second you would twist your ankle for sure. we all did it at least once. we somehow beat team into the transition by about 10 minutes, no doubt because of the great navigation by aaron and rvg. however mergeo was so fast in the transition that they left only 2 minutes after us on the mtn bike section. the mtn bike was about 16 miles with two bushwhacking (or bikewhacking rather) sections. probably about 3,000 feet of climbing which we rode in the red zone the whole time. we were totally anaerobic the whole race. the race directors expected the winners to finish in around 4 hours - we finished in 3:04 - winning by :14 minutes. aaron got a flat with just a couple downhill miles left. he came running down this dirt road with his bike in his back! we tried a few different strategies to get to the finish fast. rvg thought we were too close to actually change the flat. so he tried to ride with the bike on his back (see the second to last photo). it looked so dangerous and just simply didn't work. then i ran with his bike and my bike. then aaron ran with it.. and finally he rode the last .2 miles in on just the rim! we just had no idea we had a big enough lead to walk it in! great race and the knee was perfect! no pain at all.. i'm ecstatic.

our team manager erik nachtrieb was there taking video and reporting live from the field on the race - check out his reports here.


Michmas said...

Congrats on YAW (short for 'yet another win :)) and also glad to hear your knee has taken a turn for the better!

My next stop is the White River 50miler. Will I see you there?


Hart said...

hey thanks maislen! i am actually headed down the "Mt Hood Pacific Crest Trail Ultramarathonin 50 miler in oregon rather than the white river 50. it sounds like a great race.

i have a coaching client who is running white river and we are planning to camp and run the course. 1/2 on a sat and the second 1/2 on the next sunday. let me know if you are interested.. could be a great weekend of training.

DARTvg said...

Yo-good write going to steal some of your photos! JVG ran the PCT 50 a couple of years ago and I paced her for about 25 miles of it...on and off. Killer course, lots of up and lots of down. Good racing this weekend.