Thursday, May 31, 2007

2007 Adventure Racing World Championships

i'm following this years adventure racing world championship, taking place in the lochaber region of scotland. 7 days, over 310 miles long with about 82,020 feet of gain, navigating your way the whole time. it looks gorgeous but sounds brutal - perfect! i wish i was there. the teams have just started day 4 and of course the winningest team in adventure racing history, team nike is out front.

pretty suprised to see that team sole has dropped out! but the last report i read said that "the remaining two team members of team sole have decided to continue on with the remain two from team aberdeen asset management." it's karen's birthday too! happy birthday karen! not sure which two continued but i bet it's paul and karen.
friend and one time leader of the montrail adventure racing team rebecca rusch is racing with team bjurfors adventure racing and they are currently rocking it in 5th.. way to race reba!

you can follow the action at's race page, and leaderboard.

Dates: 24 May – 3 June, 2007 (race starts 26 May)
Race duration: 7 days non-stop racing, unsupported
Venue: Western Highlands, Scotland
HQ: Nevis Centre, Fort William
Teams: 45 mixed teams of 4
Total distance: greater than 500 km
Total ascent: greater than 25,000 m
Disciplines: trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, rope-work & surprise activities
Entry fee: £3,200 (+ kayak hire + accommodation package + transport package)
Prize money: US$50,000 minimum

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