Saturday, April 21, 2007

wild hair

bee in my bonnet if you will. last winter i took off for a few months to jackson hole. took the amga ski guiding course, an advanced avalanche course.. then spent weeks just backcountry skiing and training before getting frost bite, racing in a 24hr ski mountaineering event and heading home to lick my wounds. it was incredible (except for the black toes).

lately i've been feeling like i need to do that this summer. rent the condo, move into the van and travel to races. when i'm not racing stay at parks and create epic training sessions. just live a very simple life on the road. am i crazy? i can't stop thinking about it.

the problem is it's always nice to come back to a bed, and a home. somewhere you can unwind and relax. if i rent the condo i can't do that. if i don't rent the condo i can't afford to leave. i know i can stay with friends and maybe this would be fine until i was ready to head out again. i daydream about this frequently. i do know that i can't do anything until i'm healthy however.

knee news: my knee is feeling better. elliptical doesn't hurt it at all and i was able to ride yesterday but cut it short because i start to "feel" the knee. the good news is there was no residual pain after. i'm just playing it safe, and can hopefully increase my training hours/miles over the next few weeks.

sooo... seriously am i crazy?

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