Tuesday, April 24, 2007

constant disappointment

i have to rant here for a second. first i can't find my car. it was either stolen or towed. i rarely drive so it's not uncommon for me to spend some time walking the streets looking for where i parked it last. but i've been around the hood and it isn't here. hmm..
update: my car was stolen, i'm riding my bike to pay the $170 to get it back right now.
update: using a screwdriver to start it, i drove it to the garage to get fixed.

the real issue is this knee and not being able to race. i have already decided i won't be doing the big horn 100 miler on june 15th. =( now i have to bail out of another race because of this knee! the 28 hour desert wind adventure race on may 13th. i was going to race with cyril and east coast adv racing superstar patricia williams. this was going to be a bad ass race too. after yesterday's 3.2 mile run where i finished with mild knee pain, i pretty much decided a 28 hour adv race on may 13 isn't in the cards just yet.

so what's after that? the trioba sprint race with rvg and aaron rinn. i hope the knee can handle a 4 hour race in 3.5 weeks time. if not, i will be taking up golf earlier than planned. which will hopefully give me a lot of funny stories about my ball landing in the water.

"It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you're not a winner." Vince Lombardi

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