Tuesday, April 24, 2007

constant disappointment

i have to rant here for a second. first i can't find my car. it was either stolen or towed. i rarely drive so it's not uncommon for me to spend some time walking the streets looking for where i parked it last. but i've been around the hood and it isn't here. hmm..
update: my car was stolen, i'm riding my bike to pay the $170 to get it back right now.
update: using a screwdriver to start it, i drove it to the garage to get fixed.

the real issue is this knee and not being able to race. i have already decided i won't be doing the big horn 100 miler on june 15th. =( now i have to bail out of another race because of this knee! the 28 hour desert wind adventure race on may 13th. i was going to race with cyril and east coast adv racing superstar patricia williams. this was going to be a bad ass race too. after yesterday's 3.2 mile run where i finished with mild knee pain, i pretty much decided a 28 hour adv race on may 13 isn't in the cards just yet.

so what's after that? the trioba sprint race with rvg and aaron rinn. i hope the knee can handle a 4 hour race in 3.5 weeks time. if not, i will be taking up golf earlier than planned. which will hopefully give me a lot of funny stories about my ball landing in the water.

"It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you're not a winner." Vince Lombardi

Saturday, April 21, 2007

wild hair

bee in my bonnet if you will. last winter i took off for a few months to jackson hole. took the amga ski guiding course, an advanced avalanche course.. then spent weeks just backcountry skiing and training before getting frost bite, racing in a 24hr ski mountaineering event and heading home to lick my wounds. it was incredible (except for the black toes).

lately i've been feeling like i need to do that this summer. rent the condo, move into the van and travel to races. when i'm not racing stay at parks and create epic training sessions. just live a very simple life on the road. am i crazy? i can't stop thinking about it.

the problem is it's always nice to come back to a bed, and a home. somewhere you can unwind and relax. if i rent the condo i can't do that. if i don't rent the condo i can't afford to leave. i know i can stay with friends and maybe this would be fine until i was ready to head out again. i daydream about this frequently. i do know that i can't do anything until i'm healthy however.

knee news: my knee is feeling better. elliptical doesn't hurt it at all and i was able to ride yesterday but cut it short because i start to "feel" the knee. the good news is there was no residual pain after. i'm just playing it safe, and can hopefully increase my training hours/miles over the next few weeks.

sooo... seriously am i crazy?

Friday, April 6, 2007

knee, barkley and hope

part of getting what you want is knowing what you have to give up to get it.

knee news: right now the knee still hurts. last week after two week of no running i had a great trail run, 3 miles of pretty pain free running. i got very excited and even spoke of "being back". of course the next day i pushed by adding a couple more miles and a climb... and guess what happened? setback #3 began and the knee was hurt again. it got progressively worse as i taught spin class three nights in a row. then a 50 mile ride on saturday pushed it over the top... again. if it weren't for being able to draft neil and justin i would have finished hours later.

my adv race teammate glenn had a very similar injury in his it band.
so i saw physical therapist neil goldberg today. he thinks it's a bone bruise. since the ligaments and it band run over this bruise they irritate it when i'm active. so he said no biking, and no running for the next 9 days while i'm in california for sea otter and a san fran visit. it is going to kill me to be at sea otter watching the adventure race and all those bike races and not be racing.

i have an overwhelming feeling that i won't be ready for big horn 100 . the list of races that i've missed because of this damn knee was getting long..
as depressing as this might seem i am hopeful. i now know what the issue is. if left alone bone bruises can apparently can take months to heal. i have to focus on getting better. this means i might miss a bunch more races and lose a good deal of fitness as well. that is ok.. i just need to get healthy.

ultra news - once again no one completed the barkley marathon. only six people ever have and i intend to add my name to that list at some point in my life.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

paddle stats

today i paddled from nwoc in seattle to st eds park in kenmore, wa and back. wind was with me on the way out and wanted to fight me on the way back. i won. good average heartrate. lifting upper body yesterday bit me in the ass for the first hour as i was having issues with those muscle being sore/tired. oh yeah and i got attacked by a shark!.. on shark week!kayaking duration: 4:06:29
distance 20.5 mile (12:01/mile - 5mph)
avg hr:128 max:138 slept:6.0
calories burned (by suunto t6 - it's always high): 2,482 calories
calories consumed: 3x clif shot blocks (600 cals), clif double espresso shot 100 cals, clif cola buzzzz 100 cals
total calories: 800 calories (200/hour) - right on track