Wednesday, March 28, 2007

paddle for your life

a couple nights ago i finished the may issue (seems a bit early for a may issue?!) of trail runner magazine. on page 22 is a picture of my adventure racing teammate ryan vangorder on a riverboard. but what got me thinking was the run amok colum by brian meltzer "run for your life". he discusses how an injury sent him into a tailspin. i identified immediately with this. not just an injury, but a few life issues that have put me in a similar situation... and yep.. a subsequent tailspin.luckily i feel as though i am now on my way out of this "hole" as i like to call it. i've felt this way once before, last july after the 4.5 day expedition race, the primal quest. i was in my "hole" for about three weeks after that race. i couldn't motivate, felt tired all day long, wasn't nice to the people i love, slept late and felt guilty about it, didn't or couldn't train and felt guilty about that too. you get the picture. luckily i just heard it's shark week (again!?) and the sun came out for my paddle today!

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