Friday, March 2, 2007

my first 100 miler - big horn 100

ok so i'm running in fruita, co with roch horton. we were on our way back from mexican food and i was talking about maybe signing up for my first 100 mile race. a friend had raved about the big horn 100, and thought it would be a perfect "first 100" for me. roch raved about it being an incredible race, very tough (18,308 ft of gain), beautiful scenary, beautiful trail, well run, great feel, etc.

so that next morning as we waited for the sun to come up so we could run the incredible trails of fruita - i signed up for the big horn 100 miler! i have 105 days left to train.

david horton and karl meltzer (both montrail ultrarunners) are running it this year as well. horton told me "you better not beat me at big horn!". to be honest i'll just be looking to finish my first 100 miler.. however i'll be leaving what i got on the course so we'll see what happens. it's going to be a blast, i can't wait!

**raid the north extreme (june 23rd): one defeat that left a bitter taste in my mouth was last years raid the north 36hr in kamloops, bc (my race report on the race). i was reminded of this defeat by this article about this years raid the north extreme where they mention it. unfortunately i won't be able to race due to big horn 100being on the 15th.

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