Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the knee

i have a knee injury. i am stupid. these things are working against me right now. yesterday i was helping my buddy cory more into his new house in issaquah. he is a mile from the paraglider landing point from the top of tiger mtn. at first i thought, "i'll just hike up and see how that feels". after putting on an old pair of montrail highlanders that i hadn't ever run in i somehow forgot the plan and starting thinking, "wow these are nice and light. they feel like trail flats! i might have a new race shoe". ran the 2 mile 2,000 foot uphill, felt great and was surprisingly fast. but the outside of my right knee, where i landed in the high speed bike crash on feb 17th started to hurt and got wose with every step. flats and downhills just killed. it hurt to walk stairs after that and hurt all night last night. had a 100 mile bike ride planned for today that i had to bail on (sorry justin).

i have a doctors appt tomorrow. this sux... thanks roger for pointing out the obvious - that i wasn't really resting it, and that i need to see the dr. did i mention this sux?

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