Thursday, March 1, 2007

i can't sit still, but i should

went for a quick paddle yesterday in a full on hale storm.. gotta love seattle. yep - it's official - i am no longer a skier. i'm sitting in my condo icing my ankle while it dumps in the cascades... and i don't really care. is that sad? i just have a different focus these days i guess.

there will be no wonderland trail record attempts this year. the record rains we got this fall are being compared to katrina. entire land masses were washed away. crazy.

my ankle swelling is down but i'm still a mess. it would have been funny to watch me try and do pilates yesterday. i thought i was feeling great until i was asked to move in ways my body wasn't ready for. how hard can it be to hold your legs straight up in the air without bent knees? very. today i will take completely off and get a massage. i can honestly say that without ellen parker at ballard therapeutic massage i could not do the things i do. she works magic.

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