Monday, March 12, 2007

and so it begins

today i rode 75 miles in the rain on my road bike. today officially starts my real training for the season. meaning a lot of things.. i'm going to focus and stop messing around. diet and dedication change as of today. i've got an ankle (from c4p) and knee injury (from a high speed bike crash) that are really bothering and scaring me right now. i basically can't run. so i'm going to train on the bike like i've got a full season of 24hr solo mtn bike races... and if the knee never comes around then maybe i will.

baja travesia expedition adventure race: the last baja travesia cyril, seegs and i won in 69 hrs on about 10 minutes of sleep (see my old race report). i was supposed to race it this year with rick baraff (salomon silly rabbits) on march 23rd. rick's been very famous lately: hammer nutrition catalog, oakland magazine and this january max muscle issue (?!). i had to bail on him because of my injuries... it's really bothering me. sorry rick. we'll get out there and race together at some point.

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