Wednesday, March 28, 2007

paddle for your life

a couple nights ago i finished the may issue (seems a bit early for a may issue?!) of trail runner magazine. on page 22 is a picture of my adventure racing teammate ryan vangorder on a riverboard. but what got me thinking was the run amok colum by brian meltzer "run for your life". he discusses how an injury sent him into a tailspin. i identified immediately with this. not just an injury, but a few life issues that have put me in a similar situation... and yep.. a subsequent tailspin.luckily i feel as though i am now on my way out of this "hole" as i like to call it. i've felt this way once before, last july after the 4.5 day expedition race, the primal quest. i was in my "hole" for about three weeks after that race. i couldn't motivate, felt tired all day long, wasn't nice to the people i love, slept late and felt guilty about it, didn't or couldn't train and felt guilty about that too. you get the picture. luckily i just heard it's shark week (again!?) and the sun came out for my paddle today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

knee news

this just in. got in to see my wonderful dr steven hughes, who didn't really have much to work with since i'd been icing so often the injury had calmed down (and it generally doesn't hurt when i walk). he did say he doesn't think it's a "static" injury, meaning not ligaments or meniscus. it's a dynamic issue he thought. this is good news i i got out and rode 103 miles on the road bike.. it felt great. i would even venture to say it felt easy. which was exciting for me. never felt tired, no aches or issues, no underlying feeling that "this sucks". it didn't hurt to have justin join me for the first few hours. the time always passes so much faster when there is good conversation. i averaged about 16mph on the ride, which is ok for me at this point in the season and being injured. the rain held off until about mile 65, the pain held off until about mile 88 and then it f'in killed! i suppose i won't ride or run for this week. and next week when i start riding again i'll keep the long ride to under 85 miles. hopefully paddling, yoga and weight lifting can entertain me training wise... we'll see. time to ice this thing.

** two days after this ride - it still hurts. this is depressing... i'm off to paddle **

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." - Mark Twain

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the knee

i have a knee injury. i am stupid. these things are working against me right now. yesterday i was helping my buddy cory more into his new house in issaquah. he is a mile from the paraglider landing point from the top of tiger mtn. at first i thought, "i'll just hike up and see how that feels". after putting on an old pair of montrail highlanders that i hadn't ever run in i somehow forgot the plan and starting thinking, "wow these are nice and light. they feel like trail flats! i might have a new race shoe". ran the 2 mile 2,000 foot uphill, felt great and was surprisingly fast. but the outside of my right knee, where i landed in the high speed bike crash on feb 17th started to hurt and got wose with every step. flats and downhills just killed. it hurt to walk stairs after that and hurt all night last night. had a 100 mile bike ride planned for today that i had to bail on (sorry justin).

i have a doctors appt tomorrow. this sux... thanks roger for pointing out the obvious - that i wasn't really resting it, and that i need to see the dr. did i mention this sux?

Monday, March 12, 2007

and so it begins

today i rode 75 miles in the rain on my road bike. today officially starts my real training for the season. meaning a lot of things.. i'm going to focus and stop messing around. diet and dedication change as of today. i've got an ankle (from c4p) and knee injury (from a high speed bike crash) that are really bothering and scaring me right now. i basically can't run. so i'm going to train on the bike like i've got a full season of 24hr solo mtn bike races... and if the knee never comes around then maybe i will.

baja travesia expedition adventure race: the last baja travesia cyril, seegs and i won in 69 hrs on about 10 minutes of sleep (see my old race report). i was supposed to race it this year with rick baraff (salomon silly rabbits) on march 23rd. rick's been very famous lately: hammer nutrition catalog, oakland magazine and this january max muscle issue (?!). i had to bail on him because of my injuries... it's really bothering me. sorry rick. we'll get out there and race together at some point.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

jure robic and 24 solo

i just had to share this article about slovenian jure robic, 2 time winner of the raam (race across america) - yes it's 7 pages but it's good (thanks cyril). dood is stranger than i am.

here is the movie trailer for "24 Solo" the mtn bike movie about chris eatough's attempt at 7 world championships. they interview stamstad for the movie, he's quoted saying "the sport is so hard, you can't do this sport for a paycheck". agreed.

Monday, March 5, 2007

live every week like it's shark week

it is, after all my 32nd birthday today. yep you missed it - you weren't alone trust me. my mother thought it was my 31st! damn... if she isn't keeping track then who is? alright then, i'm 28 today instead.

i got to reminiscing about better times and found a blog i wrote two years ago about my big 3 0 (i was still working at microsoft then). even my mother asked me "where are you right now. what exciting things do you have planned on your big day?" my response.. "sitting on the couch, icing my ankle". "what do you have planned?" "ah, nothing - thanks for asking". this bday sucked. but the good news is... it's shark week.

Friday, March 2, 2007

my first 100 miler - big horn 100

ok so i'm running in fruita, co with roch horton. we were on our way back from mexican food and i was talking about maybe signing up for my first 100 mile race. a friend had raved about the big horn 100, and thought it would be a perfect "first 100" for me. roch raved about it being an incredible race, very tough (18,308 ft of gain), beautiful scenary, beautiful trail, well run, great feel, etc.

so that next morning as we waited for the sun to come up so we could run the incredible trails of fruita - i signed up for the big horn 100 miler! i have 105 days left to train.

david horton and karl meltzer (both montrail ultrarunners) are running it this year as well. horton told me "you better not beat me at big horn!". to be honest i'll just be looking to finish my first 100 miler.. however i'll be leaving what i got on the course so we'll see what happens. it's going to be a blast, i can't wait!

**raid the north extreme (june 23rd): one defeat that left a bitter taste in my mouth was last years raid the north 36hr in kamloops, bc (my race report on the race). i was reminded of this defeat by this article about this years raid the north extreme where they mention it. unfortunately i won't be able to race due to big horn 100being on the 15th.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

i can't sit still, but i should

went for a quick paddle yesterday in a full on hale storm.. gotta love seattle. yep - it's official - i am no longer a skier. i'm sitting in my condo icing my ankle while it dumps in the cascades... and i don't really care. is that sad? i just have a different focus these days i guess.

there will be no wonderland trail record attempts this year. the record rains we got this fall are being compared to katrina. entire land masses were washed away. crazy.

my ankle swelling is down but i'm still a mess. it would have been funny to watch me try and do pilates yesterday. i thought i was feeling great until i was asked to move in ways my body wasn't ready for. how hard can it be to hold your legs straight up in the air without bent knees? very. today i will take completely off and get a massage. i can honestly say that without ellen parker at ballard therapeutic massage i could not do the things i do. she works magic.