Friday, February 2, 2007

pritchart/hunter canyon run

the best singletrack i found in moab was on my pritchart to hunter canyon run i did on fri 2/2/06. the way out pritchart is entertaining and nice, but it's doubletrack. karl had told me about this run and i was happy with the first half for sure. but once it got on the hunter canyon section i was blown away! so sweet, totally alone on this epic singletrack right next to this big cut out hole in the earth. other than the ice i had to descend at the end and the 2 miles of dirt road to run to finish it was an amazing 12 miles.

deets: take a right before mcdonalds on kane creek road to pritchart canyon. run out and over the saddle then pay attention at the next intersection and you will see a sign for hunter. follow that beautiful singletrack until it drops you down to the road and run a couple miles uphill back to the parking lot. sweet!

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