Thursday, February 8, 2007

Montrail-Nathan Ultra Running Team

give up your high paying job, train your ass off, race hard... and good things happen? sometimes.

after my performance at the hurt 100km i was named to the montrail-nathan national ultrarunning team! this is very exciting for me, and means a new focus in my solo racing. i just signed my first "professional" contract - weird. the team which includes legends like dave horton, has some of the top ultrarunner in the world on board. i'm in very good company.

so what does this mean for me as an endurance mtn bike racer? i consider last year a success. but it was so expensive, without a big sponsor i unfortunately cannot afford to compete in this sport.

think about the cost included with flying to one 24hr mtn bike race:
  • buy and maintain two $6,000 bikes
  • fly two bikes to events = $200 each way = $400 total usually
  • paying for my top notch mechanic to attend events = $$$
now let's look at ultrarunning:

yep that's it.. nothing - just show up with some montrail continental divides and go nutz! beautiful simplicity.

“When Montrail selects athletes we look for athletic ability and outgoing individuals that have the charisma and “know-how” to gain positive exposure for Montrail” says Paul Curran, director of trail running promotions for Montrail Shoes. “The athletes we sponsor are ambassadors-they truly believe in our products and they communicate their experiences and knowledge with others.” Montrail, at the leading edge of trail running shoe development since 1988, has sponsored the nation’s top endurance runners since 1996. Besides Montrail, the national team is supported by Nathan (hydration packs), nuun (electrolyte drink), Clif Bar (energy bars), Petzl (headlamps), and First Endurance (energy/recovery drink).

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