Friday, January 26, 2007

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aloha from salt lake city, ut! i'm here for the winter outdoor retailer show. should be a blast.. and of course a lot of work. these silly english folk talk funny.
it's 9 degrees out right now. a few of us skied snowbird yesterday - terrible. i am admittedly a ski snob, and if i pay $65 for a ticket and $45 for ski rental - i want an epic day! i would rather ski tour and yesterday just reinforced i am no longer a resort skier. snowbird and the resorts around slc unfortunately they have no snow. it's obvious how unreal the terrain is, but it's just not filled in enough. almost tore my knee skiing a chute with a straight shot through a dirt

couple things i meant to post earlier:
  • video on danelle ballangee from the today show 12/22/06... i wish her a speedy recovery.
  • i've got my eye on the ibike pro - could be the answer to the power meter conundrum.
  • the harvard crew that was at primal quest send us their results -
"Team Affectiveness in Adventure Racing: The Power of Role Congruency and Role Redundancy"

Summary of Findings (1page)

Full Research Report (10 pages)

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