Saturday, January 20, 2007

Na Pali Coast - Kalalau Trail Run

krissy and i headed to kauai after the hurt 100. we spent 5 days relaxing, sight seeing, going to luau's and just recovering. the last day we hit the na pali coast. i ended up running the 22 mile kalalau trail (11 out, 11 back). what an amazing run! if you ever go to kauai you must do this run, even if it's just a few of the miles you must experience this trail! - i think the photos explain why. but it's totally remote and not accessible by car. you are rewarded after the 11 mile run with kalalau beach. there is simply no other way to get there but to earn it in a kayak or on foot (well i guess the helicopters drop the rich and lazy). i took too many photos to share them all... but here are the best of the best.

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brendan said...

how long did it take you?