Monday, January 1, 2007

let the taper begin

this week's plan was to run 30+ miles on monday and 30+ miles on tuesday… thus doing back to back big days. however lil baby colin (pictured) had other ideas for uncle matt’s training. it seems as though everyone who attended the christmas eve festivities at the fraser house got sick in the following days. it came and went fast but the residual lasted long enough for me to miss 3 days of training. so i flipped my week around and tried to salvage. last week was a 102 mile week for me. this week was supposed to be week two over 100 miles. however after loosing 3 days to sickness i was only able to put in 93... but krissy and i got some quality training done.

friday - 25 miles road and discovery park
saturday - 23 miles including a double trip running up mt si which is 6,800 feet of climbing alone
sunday - 34 miles which included 15 miles at cougar and the rest road and discovery park

i've been a little remiss to publish my training plan mostly because i was concerned i wouldn't be able to get it done as planned. now that i'm over the hard part and into the taper i can publish matt's hurt 100 training plan.

the amazing part of all this is although i was pretty slow yesterday i felt great physically. just one tweaked out achilles for about 3 miles of the 34 yesterday and that was it. today i feel great, no real soreness or pains. my hunger is insatiable today however and i've been eating non stop. i've got to be careful not to overdue it because i'm at a great ultra weight right now (easier said than done for me). now the taper starts. experiment # 2 = success

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