Friday, December 1, 2006

fruit fast - experiment #1

fruiti'm on my third day of a fruit fast. i'm eating just fruit. which at times has seemed easy and at other times very very hard. natural sugar and carbs.. and that is about it really. for the first two days i was still drinking coffee but not taking any of my hammer nutrition vitamins that i normally would. today i've reintroduced my vitamins, but just a few. i've had trouble with no coffee and.. i'm sipping a cup right now. tomorrow i will leave the coffee out and see what happens. i feel pretty good. this is supposed to be a sort of detox fast.

i start my training again on monday. i am so excited to get started! fasting and training don't mix very well. so i'll end the fruit fast on sunday after 4 days and eat a normal diet. however i'm planning on sticking closer to a whole/raw food diet than before, within reason - it's not easy. just eating foods as close to their origin as possible, no processed foods basically - whole, raw foods.

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