Monday, December 18, 2006

50 Miles the Hard Way

damn storms! in training for the hurt 100k i had planned to run 50 miles today. i was going to do the 12 summits out and back (34 miles) and then add the fat ass 25k loop to get 49 miles on the day. however this last storm that has left businesses and households alike without electricity for days.. and it covered our beautiful trails with massive downed trees. so it wouldn't have been a run, more like a few steps, climb over a tree, few more steps, climb over a tree, etc.. probably taking me 5 days to finish as well.

in the last 6 days i've run 106.53 miles.

today i got in 50.53 miles. ran the long way to krissy's house for 15.68 miles. got in her car (mine is in the shop) and drove to discovery park. there i ran the 5 mile loop 7 times for 35 more miles. it didn't rain on me so it was a great day out, however a bit boring doing the same loop over and over again, but i got my mileage in. =) the next challenge of my hurt training is back to back 30 mile days!

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