Sunday, December 3, 2006

100 mile week - experiment #2

having just finished my first fast (experiment #1), i am now "detoxed". it's time to start my focused training for the hurt 100 on jan 13th. the hurt 100 is generally considered one of the hardest 100 milers, partly because of the rooted rocky terrain, but mostly because it includes 24,000ft of climbing. it's a 20 mile loop on the island of oahu. racers can run the 100 miler or the 100 kilometer (62 miles). if your 100 miles isn't going well you can stop after a 100k and be ranked in 100k race. because it's so hard a race, i guess lots of racers do this. the 100k is race is no walk in the park either with 13,000 ft of gain.

the goal: finish in the top 5 at the hurt 100k
secondary goal (experiment #2): to see how my body responds to a 100 mile week, which will be week #3 of my training schedule. then two weeks to taper down until race day. since i just took 9 days completely off (with just two easy/short sessions in there on day 2) i'm ready to rock... honestly i'm dying to hit it hard. which is good because this plan could bury me! one issue i have is a possible morton's nueroma in my left foot. it flairs up depending on how much trail pounding it gets. that is my only concern at this point. wish me luck, i'll need it.

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