Friday, December 29, 2006

mba leadville dean

* if you are like me you are starting to put together your calendar for next year. i find the calendar on to be very handy, well done mr etzel.

* go pick up the january issue of mountain bike action magazine (fred myer carries it). they have an article on the 2006 24hr solo mtn bike worlds. on page 111 there is a photo of me along with sue hayward, rebecca rusch, and craig gordon. of course at 12th place there is no mention of me in the article itself, but i'm ok with just being eye candy... and my sponsors turner bikes and hammer nutrition appreciate it i'm sure.

* some news on the leadville 100 mtn bike race - first in bicycling mag i read that chris carmichael is racing, then on velonews i read that lance armstrong is racing... and the other day on floyd landiss' blog i read that he's racing too! that is going to be quite a race - and i want in!

* i am tired of reading about dean karnazes being the best runner in the world. enough already. i know five runners right here in seattle that are better than he is (jurek, kochik, morrison, angle, moehl)... give it rest. first it's outside mag saying he's "the best runner in america"!!! what the?! hey outside, please do more research before you write outrageous crap... ever heard of scott jurek, what about karl meltzer (this dude won six 100 milers in 2006!!)? google them and figure it out "editors". then i get my wired magazine the other day (still a geek at heart) and it claims that dean is the "perfect human". i just threw up in my own mouth. yes, dean is most likely a better runner than i am (certainly waaay more accomplished thus far) - but he is far from the best... look it up anyway i had to get that off my chest, and acknowledge that he has brought attention to a sport i love, which is a very good thing. now i'm over it....

Monday, December 18, 2006

50 Miles the Hard Way

damn storms! in training for the hurt 100k i had planned to run 50 miles today. i was going to do the 12 summits out and back (34 miles) and then add the fat ass 25k loop to get 49 miles on the day. however this last storm that has left businesses and households alike without electricity for days.. and it covered our beautiful trails with massive downed trees. so it wouldn't have been a run, more like a few steps, climb over a tree, few more steps, climb over a tree, etc.. probably taking me 5 days to finish as well.

in the last 6 days i've run 106.53 miles.

today i got in 50.53 miles. ran the long way to krissy's house for 15.68 miles. got in her car (mine is in the shop) and drove to discovery park. there i ran the 5 mile loop 7 times for 35 more miles. it didn't rain on me so it was a great day out, however a bit boring doing the same loop over and over again, but i got my mileage in. =) the next challenge of my hurt training is back to back 30 mile days!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

crawford notch/mt isolation/bartlett run in the white mountains - nov 23, 2006

got a great run in today with justin angle in the white mountains - 26 miles and 6,014 feet of gain in 7:22. starting in the cold just after 7am in crawford notch we headed up the crawford path, the oldest mountain trail in america. snow and ice covered the trail as we headed up up up to mizpah spring hut and then on to mount isolation - "Mount Isolation is as its name implies one of the most remote peaks in the White Mountains, located in the midst of the Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness. It is one of the most remote and least-visited 4000-footers, one of a select few not visible from a public highway. The summit itself is bare with views in all directions, although most or all of the approach is wooded." from there we turned south and headed down our 15 mile trail hitting mt resolution and mt parker on our way to our drop car in bartlett, nh. great weather, amazing views and good times.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

100 mile week - experiment #2

having just finished my first fast (experiment #1), i am now "detoxed". it's time to start my focused training for the hurt 100 on jan 13th. the hurt 100 is generally considered one of the hardest 100 milers, partly because of the rooted rocky terrain, but mostly because it includes 24,000ft of climbing. it's a 20 mile loop on the island of oahu. racers can run the 100 miler or the 100 kilometer (62 miles). if your 100 miles isn't going well you can stop after a 100k and be ranked in 100k race. because it's so hard a race, i guess lots of racers do this. the 100k is race is no walk in the park either with 13,000 ft of gain.

the goal: finish in the top 5 at the hurt 100k
secondary goal (experiment #2): to see how my body responds to a 100 mile week, which will be week #3 of my training schedule. then two weeks to taper down until race day. since i just took 9 days completely off (with just two easy/short sessions in there on day 2) i'm ready to rock... honestly i'm dying to hit it hard. which is good because this plan could bury me! one issue i have is a possible morton's nueroma in my left foot. it flairs up depending on how much trail pounding it gets. that is my only concern at this point. wish me luck, i'll need it.

Friday, December 1, 2006

fruit fast - experiment #1

fruiti'm on my third day of a fruit fast. i'm eating just fruit. which at times has seemed easy and at other times very very hard. natural sugar and carbs.. and that is about it really. for the first two days i was still drinking coffee but not taking any of my hammer nutrition vitamins that i normally would. today i've reintroduced my vitamins, but just a few. i've had trouble with no coffee and.. i'm sipping a cup right now. tomorrow i will leave the coffee out and see what happens. i feel pretty good. this is supposed to be a sort of detox fast.

i start my training again on monday. i am so excited to get started! fasting and training don't mix very well. so i'll end the fruit fast on sunday after 4 days and eat a normal diet. however i'm planning on sticking closer to a whole/raw food diet than before, within reason - it's not easy. just eating foods as close to their origin as possible, no processed foods basically - whole, raw foods.