Sunday, November 26, 2006

update from the shire

i've got a lot of updates to post from my trip home; presidential traverse (yep, krissy and i got 'er done in 75mph winds!), an epic crawford notch/mt isolation/bartlett 26 miler with justin and climbing mt washington via boot spur. i'm just waiting for the opportunity to upload the photos and video. i don't think the blogs are as interesting without them. so i'll wait and give you the full monty when i get back to seattle.

i come home from the shire tues. this trip has been great. got to see my family and friends, and with krissy here for a few days she got to meet them too. i've been thinking it might be the time for me to rest. so i'm taking the rest of this month off (which is just the next 4 days) - which is a good start for me. i plan on starting dec again real easy with low training volume. however the snow is falling in the pacific northwest!!!!! so that might make it harder for me to chill.

what's next? well krissy and i are headed to a hawaii for the hurt 100. you can run the 100 miler (krissy) or the 100k (me). i've never been to hawaii so it's going to be sweet!

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