Tuesday, October 3, 2006

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hot-lanta - home of the freaknick - i'm here in the dirty dirty baby!

sunday lorna picked me up. we rolled right into a bbq at her neighbors house. they couldn't have been nicer. i think folks down here are very hospitable.

monday traveled around town for 6 hours on my bike. this town is pretty sweet. i came across many cool little sections of town including little five points and a part of monroe st that was sweet.

tuesday i did some errands around town on the bike in the morning. then got out to conyers for a couple laps of the worlds course. lorna hooked me up with a local xc racer named carleton who was just awesome. he gave me the complete tour of the course, which is almost totally marked. 9 miles, 1,100 feet of gain and a true mtn biking course! first lap we stopped a lot and was about 54 min. second lap i rode straight through, not race pace but not taking it easy either and rode about 48 mins. actually there really is nowhere to take it easy on the course. it's got loads of steep and relatively short uphills and then washed out steep and rutted downhills. there is a lot of exposed granite on the course, remincent of the slickrock in moab.. however not as smooth. it's mostly off camber and super rutted and rough, making it very jarring to ride. and stay off the pine neetles! i slid out yesterday purposely taking the pine needle section when i should have stayed on the granite. just a few scraps, nothing bad. one thing is clear - this course will beat you up! this race is going to be very tough.

wednesday i chose a trip to the natural history museum instead of a mtn bike ride.. yeah that's right. i had an option to ride the course 2-3 more times with a hardcore local dude named johno. "listen to you body" got the best of me, plus i had just ridden it yesterday - and well the museum has the largest complete dinosaur that exists, a 123 foot argentinosaur! so sweet. finished the night with 20 mins of intervals on the bike, and a 30 min jog.

thursday i picked up matthew and took the whole day off just doing errands... and eating a lot!

friday today i woke up and packed the car to head out to conyers and setup. when matthew got up we started working on the bikes. the we hit a movie, the departed, good stuff. now he's on a conference call and i'm about to pack the car so we can go ride, setup and resigster.

saturday we race!! you can follow along on ride424.com.

80 - out!

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