Tuesday, October 10, 2006

primal quest on espn2 and abc!

the first episode of primale quest 2006 aired last night on espn2. this is the big expedition adventure race my team and i raced in earlier this year in moab, ut. it will air every night this week on espn2. there are 4 episodes with a finale on abc this saturday - check it out! espn airtimes

Episode 1: Monday (Oct. 9) @7:30pm EST ESPN2
Episode 2: Tuesday (Oct. 10) @ 7:30pm EST ESPN2
Episode 3: Wednesday (Oct. 11) @ 7:30pm EST ESPN2
Episode 4: Thursday (Oct. 12) @ 7:30pm EST ESPN2
Episode 5 / Finale: Saturday (Oct. 14) @ 2pm EST / 4pm PST ABC

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