Monday, October 16, 2006

northwest trail run and chuckanut

congrats to jill purcell!!!! i am jill's coach and i so proud of her recent endurance accomplishment - she completed her first 50 mile mtn bike race! wow she's come a long way in a short period of time (she just this year started to mtn bike!). great job jill, keep pushing your limits!

saturday i played volunteer and helped out local adventure racing team at their trail race. the series of runs is called the northwest trail runs. i love the idea, small, shorter trail races on local trails for people to get out and enjoy our local trail systems. national orienteering champion eric bone put on a great grass roots event, either a 5 or 10 mile course in soaring eagle park in sammamish, wa. i helped out and got to run about 8 miles while i marked the course. these are the same guys who put on the beast adventure race series, and the ron herzog 50k ultra (nov 11). got a total of 13 trail miles for the day.

10.15.06_chuckanut13.6miler 005sunday with the parkers!! got out with ellen her brother kurt for a 13.6 mile trail run up at chuckanut. great run great company... and with the light drizzle keeping the gapers away we had the trails all to ourselves. kurt had just solo climbed the south twin sister the day before, so he was suffering on the climbs.. and at chuckanut it's all climb! got a total of 18 trail miles on the day.

10.15.06_chuckanut13.6miler 008
the parkers love to run!

10.15.06_chuckanut13.6miler 012
kurt parker (one day after climbing the south twin sister) - this dude will smoke a pack of reds and still kick your ass

10.15.06_chuckanut13.6miler 018
me and kurt.. lovin' it (the rain stopped)

10.15.06_chuckanut13.6miler 022
the diva pose

10.15.06_chuckanut13.6miler 025
run it!

10.15.06_chuckanut13.6miler 028
kurt is fast

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