Monday, October 23, 2006

a conversation with my quads

6:30am - beep.... beep.... beep
quads: are you serious? why in the world is that alarm going off. shut that damn thing off!

me: fellas it's time to train. the kid has to get some trail miles in today. it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow. plus this run is going to be under snow soon, let's hit it one more time.

quads: you aren't getting up to train. we hurt too much. and you did this to us.. so you owe us.

me: you used that excuse yesterday.

quads: yeah? well we still ran 9 miles yesterday! it would be stupid to do the same exact run that made us sore just two days ago (see previous blog). let us heal, then we can talk.

me: sorry fellas.. uppy uppy uppy (with my best mrs. noonan impression)

10.23.06_Snoqualmie18miler 022
10.23.06_Snoqualmie18miler 011

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