Sunday, October 15, 2006

2006 24hr Solo Mtn Bike World Championship Photos

2006Worlds 031 first off i have to thank matthew noell for his amazing support.. he was the only one in my pit, so he did everything; kept the bikes in race shape, fed me, cleaned me, helped me change cloths, kept track of what i was consuming, what place i was in and how fast i was going. the guy is amazing support but an even better friend. there was one point were i was starting to get down on myself, thinking i just wasn't riding well enough. 2006Worlds 032the next time through the pit matthew happened to give me a pep talk. he told me how well i was riding, how consistant i was and how much of a bad ass he thought i was. i didn't tell him this but the next few laps i was filled with the confidence he had just given me... priceless.
thank you matthew!

10.08.06MtbWorlds 004
my hammer pills. with just matthew as support i had to setup ready made tubes of pills for ease of consumption. my main three - race caps, mito-r and anti-fatigue

10.08.06MtbWorlds 015
as we line up for the lemans start they introduce each solo racer one at a time - this is australian craig gordon (cannondale) the eventual winner - hopefully he's out of the hospital by now!

10.08.06MtbWorlds 018
chris eatough (trek/volkswagen) - 2nd place

10.08.06MtbWorlds 007
rebecca rusch (specialized) - 2nd place female

10.08.06MtbWorlds 008

10.08.06MtbWorlds 020
the line up before the run.. i hate the run!

10.08.06MtbWorlds 021

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