Sunday, October 8, 2006

12th place - 24hr solo mtn biking world championship

just in case you're curious. i placed 12th in the pro category at the 2006 24hr Solo World Championships. the course was soo brutal i can't even begin to tell you how much i hurt right now. i rode 24 grueling laps equaling 216 miles with 26,400 feet of gain. australian mtn bike marathon champion craig gordon won the race, beating trek/volkwagen's 6 time world champion chris eatough - absolutely amazing. adventure racer rebecca rusch took 2nd place in the pro female category with u.s. national short track champion sue haywood winning it.

i have tried twice now to sleep but i am basically too messed up to fall asleep, it's mostly my breathing (super dusty course) but most evey movement hurts. i'm going to try again now as it's 12:08am atl time. i'll write a report l8s. here is a good pre-race velonews article on the heavy hitters.

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