Thursday, September 21, 2006

without fail

*** updated - in much cooler news: My sock sponsor Teko announced that it will purchase credits from the Chicago Climate Exchange to cover all transportation greenhouse gas emissions produced by it's supply chain.

yep without fail i manage to hurt myself in some way before big mtn bike races. last year I fell on my road bike rounding a corner under the i-90 bridge (going a bit too fast). sliding, or rather bouncing on my hip i smashed into the fence, which caught my bike while i was raked off the bike hitting quad, thigh, shin on my way over the handlebars. lots of lost skin and bruised muscles.

this is becoming a nasty trend of mine. today i left the house on my run to the gym. i was hustling to get to yoga on time. as i took my first left hand turn i happened to step on a utility cover thing and it was slick as ice from the rain... bam! down i went in a milisecond. i can't even reenact it, it happened so fast i don't remember. just know my hands and hip hurt, bad. first thing i thought was "it's going to be hard to do downward dog with these pebbles lodged in my palms." this picture doesn't do it justice, i took it with my chin and the right hand is much worse.. plus i had cleaned the blood off already.

i just hope this is the last incident i have before Worlds.

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