Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Hoh Valley - Bogachiel Traverse 74 Mile Run

Here are the photos from the run. This photo from the start of our epic adventure - 2am Sunday morning. Our journey would take us from the Hoh Valley Visitors Center in the Hoh rainforest out to Glacier Meadows and the overlook of Blue Glacier and Mt Olympus, then up the Bogachiel traverse out to 7 lakes, and finally down Snider Jackson Trail. We estmated the 74 miles with over 16,000+ feet of gain would take us around 16-19 hours.. well it didn't. If I had been able to find the final trail (just 10 miles from the car) in the dark we would have taken about 19 hours. But we had to hunker in the moss and share a single space blanket and wait for the daylight! With some light on the situation we found it and ran the remaining 10 miles the following day. You could say we were a bit frustrated. =(

Krissy taking in the view of Mt Tod from the High Divide Trail.

Mt Tod behind us as we look from the moraine out over the Blue Glacier of Mount Olympus.

Krissy on her way down from the moraine viewpoint.

A view from the trail down to Hoh Lake. There were Huckleberries all over this trail and we stopped to fill our bellies with them.


K. Moehl running (she's good at it).

really good at it...

after two 4,000 + foot climbs it was nice to head down hill.

B-E-A-U-tiful trail!

Big fallen tree root. To show you how massive it was we took this photo of it next to my biceps. =)

This is where we slept for 8 hours until the sun came up. When it did we found the trail... long story. Basically we finished in 3 hours the next day because I could not find this damn trail. The guide book just said "find the Snider Jackson Trail after fording the river". Well it wasn't as easy as it sounded.

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