Sunday, September 24, 2006

don't go drinkin with this guy

i'm just glad my addition is to ultra distance sports, cause alcohol addiction is much rougher. if the alcohol doesn't kill you the company you keep might. although i've felt at times that my training partners were trying to kill me, it was nothing like this. i have somehow figured out how to live a very exciting life without the booze. my cousin eric has not. i just spent some time with his mother, when she was traveling through seattle last week. she said he was doing well and was sober. although exciting, sort lived. since then he has fallen off the wagon - and this time the company he kept made sure it hurt - seacoast online article... if you don't feel like reading it, this guy pictured and my cousin got let out of jail together, then decided to hit the local gas station for some booze. they were drinking in the woods when this guy here decided to try and kill my cousin. he chocked him until he thought he was dead then he bashed his skull to make sure (two skull fractures).

i'm going for a bike ride.

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